Beagle Barking

Beagles are great dogs and make wonderful family pets. However, one of the most common problems for their owners is Beagle barking. This is a pretty standard behavioral problem for this breed, but there are ways to get this barking under control it if you know how to go about it.

When you think about it, it’s pretty easy to see why Beagles are so prone to developing barking problems. After all, these dogs were trained to track game and alert hunters when they found it. In this context, the vocal skills of Beagles come in quite handy. That is not necessarily the case when the Beagle barkingis in your house, however.

Why Beagles Bark

Of course, a Beagle in your house is probably not barking to alert you to the presence of game. There are a lot of other reasons why Beagles bark, though, and understanding those can help you get a handle on the problem and correct it more quickly.

Your Beagle may be barking because he is hungry, needs to go out, wants attention, detects a visitor’s approach, is bored or simply because he likes it. When you look at this list, you can see that some of these Beagle barking instances are actually desirable while others definitely aren’t.

For instance, it can be helpful to have a dog that barks when strangers get close to your house. You may also want your dog to have a way to let you know when he needs to go out, and there’s often nothing wrong with barking during playtime.

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Problem with Beagle Barking

There are other times that it isn’t appropriate for Beagles to bark, however. For instance, you don’t want your Beagle barking at you every time he wants a treat or attention or just because he’s bored. You should be in control of when your Beagle gets food and attention, not the other way around.

It’s not appropriate to have your Beagle making demands of you, but this can easily happen if you aren’t able to establish the proper position of authority for yourself. Beagles, like other dogs, are pack animals. As such, they want to operate within a pack structure with one recognizable leader.

If you don’t establish yourself as the pack leader, your dog will feel the need to assume that role. This arrangement can lead to all sorts of behavioral problems and Beagle barking is certainly one of them. Because of this, half of addressing a barking problem is simply starting out with consistent training from the first day you bring your Beagle home.

Teaching Speak

Once you have established yourself as the leader of your household, you can employ one of several different strategies in order to help get your Beagle barking problem under control. One of the most effective of these is teaching your Beagle to speak on command.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, it is actually very effective. By teaching your Beagle to bark on your command, you can reinforce the idea that he shouldn’t bark unless instructed to. Eventually a “speak” command segues nicely into a “quiet” command.