Beagle Digging

Beagles are great dogs in a lot of ways. They are prone to certain unpleasant behaviors, however, and one of the most common is Beagle digging. In order to address and correct this behavior, you will have to first understand why your dog is engaging in it in the first place. With that knowledge, you will be much better equipped to stop your Beagle from digging.

Why Do Beagles Dig?

This might seem like a pretty straightforward question, but in fact the reasons behind Beagle digging are many and varied. With different causes come different cures, so it’s important to pinpoint the reason for your dog’s behavior in order to correct it most efficiently.

Some Beagles dig because they’re simply bored or want your attention. Others are only following their instincts. Dogs in the wild dig dens and holes to bury food and these instincts run deep. Also, your Beagle digging may mean he is trying to escape to explore the world beyond the fence.

There are smells that attract your Beagle too. Fresh fertilizer is definitely a draw for a lot of dogs. Unfortunately fresh fertilizer is often found in the more cultivated areas of your yard like your garden or flower beds, which makes Beagle digging in these areas even more of a problem. Or your Beagle could be digging to try and catch some small wildlife that’s found its way into your yard.

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What to Do

As you can see, there are many reasons for Beagle digging. Luckily, there are an equally plentiful number of ways to combat it. To a certain extent, the reason for your Beagle digging will dictate the measure you use to correct it. However, you may find more success if you use several different methods in combination.

One of the first important steps to take is to make sure your Beagle is getting enough exercise. An excess of energy will lead your dog to engage in a number of unwanted behaviors, digging included. Plus, exercise is just healthy for your dog. He will feel better and listen to you better if you get him the appropriate amount of exercise.

If this isn’t a practical or effective method for you when it comes to combating Beagle digging, you can try some more direct methods of correcting the behavior. You can try spraying your Beagle with a hose, filing in the holes he digs with something he doesn’t like the smell of, or simply stop leaving him unattended in the yard.

Don’t Stop Beagle Digging

Alternatively, you may choose not to stop Beagle digging at all. Instead, just cordon off a part of your yard that you’re willing to let your dog dig in. You can confine your dog to this area or you can simply make it more tempting for him to dig in by loosening up the dirt or by shallowly burying some of his toys or treats. This is actually a great way to make it possible for your dog to keep doing what he enjoys while letting you keep your yard the way you want it.