Beagle Issues

Just about every breed of dog has certain tendencies and behavioral problems that they are prone to. Beagles are no exception, and if you’re thinking of getting one of these dogs, you should be aware of the types of Beagle issues you may wind up dealing with. Beagles are great dogs and can make an excellent addition to your family, but you need to know how to train them the right way and what to watch out for as you do.

Some Common Beagle Issues

It’s important to remember that Beagles were originally bred to be hunting dogs. Like other types of hounds, they would accompany their masters on a hunting trip, use their superior sense of smell to track game and let loose vocally when they spotted small animals. Beagles were, in fact, very efficient and effective in this role, but the reasons for that success don’t translate well to house pets.

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For instance, Beagle issues with barking and howling are the result of the hardwired hunting instinct. You can certainly train your Beagle out of barking in certain situations, but you’ll probably never get them to drop the habit entirely. Barking is a natural behavior for them, and often they enjoy it.

Also, since they were originally responsible for tracking game, Beagles are usually inclined to follow wherever their nose leads. They are notorious wanderers and many people find that if they don’t keep a close eye on their Beagle, the dog will quickly wander off. Their stubbornness and single-mindedness also mean they won’t always come back right away when called.

Many other common Beagle issues stem from the fact that these dogs actually require quite a bit of exercise for their size. Because they are generally on the small side, many people who own Beagles don’t realize how much energy these dogs have and so don’t get them enough exercise.

This certainly leads to behavioral problems as Beagles try to work off their excess energies in ways that their owners find annoying. A lack of exercise can also cause some health problems later in life for Beagles, so it’s definitely a good idea to try and wear your Beagle out as often as possible.

On the Plus Side

Despite the various Beagle issues these dogs can be prone to, Beagles are actually quite desirable pets for several reasons. They are almost always friendly, playful, loyal and good with children. The Beagle’s compact size and easy to care for coat makes it an attractive choice for many different types of people.

Beagles may be stubborn, but they are also quick to pick up on things if you try to train them. You can help to keep your experience with Beagle issues to a minimum if you simply begin training your dog at an early age. The earlier you start, the easier the training process will be for you both, but it’s really never too late to start training your Beagle. Plus, the training process just gives you an excuse to spend more quality time together.