Beagle Whining

Beagle whining is an annoying habit that many Beagle owners have to deal with at some point. This is a bit more of a complicated issue to tackle than some other behavioral issues but you can be successful if you know how to go about it the right way. In order to stop Beagle whining, though, you need to figure out why your Beagle is whining to begin with.

Why Beagles Whine

Whining is actually a very normal behavior for dogs. They whine when they are young to get attention from their mother or littermates, so they learn pretty early that whining is the way to get what you want. Unfortunately, adult Beagle whining is not something anyone wants to listen to.

Beagles usually whine when they want something, are scared, upset or hurt, or when they have to go out. While it’s not a bad thing for your dog to be able to tell you when he needs to go out, you may have to decide if you want him to do this by whining.

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Stopping the Whine

Simple as it may seem, the best way to stop your Beagle whining is to just ignore him. If you give him what he wants when he whines, you will only reinforce the behavior. In fact, even yelling at him can help to perpetuate the behavior because it involves you giving him attention.

Instead, hard as it may be, you need to resist showing your Beagle any attention at all when he whines. Only once he’s stopped can you give him what he wants – whether it’s a walk or a treat. For instance, even if it’s his normal feeding time, don’t give him any food until he stops whining.

Wear Him Out

 Beagle whining can also be due to the fact that he’s bored and wants you to play with him or entertain him in some way. While you can still ignore your dog in this instance, you may find that it happens less when your dog gets enough exercise. Spending some quality time with your dog on a regular basis (on your terms) and really wearing him out can take away any reason for him to whine to begin with.

In fact, you may find that many of your Beagle’s behavioral problems are simply the result of him having a bunch of excess energy that he doesn’t know what to do with. Beagles actually require more exercise than a lot of people realize and making sure your Beagle gets to run around and play enough can make him both better behaved and healthier.

Unusual Beagle Whining

If your Beagle does not have a history of whining but suddenly begins whining often, this may be a sign that he is hurt or sick. Often this type of Beagle whining is the only way he has to communicate this with you and you should make sure to get him to a vet right away. Don’t automatically assume your Beagle is just misbehaving unless you have good reason to do so.